The Who…

I am Jonathan. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am the one-man show of Caliber Coding.

The short and simple about me? I like to make things look appealing, be it a website, a photograph, a text document or a design/illustration. If I run my eye over something and it doesn’t look right, you’d be hard pressed to stop me from trying to rectify it!

I have worn a variety of hats to date, with regard to work that is, not actual hats. I can’t rock hats at all. I blame my ears. I’ve been an admin assistant in an Opera House, a construction site labourer for my father, a safety powerboat driver for junior sailing courses, a box office manager when the Volvo Ocean Race came to Ireland, and now a web designer.

Above all else, I wish to enjoy what I do, and live for the joy of things. Life is too short to not do the things we love and that make us happy.

… And The What.

So you now know who I am, but what is Caliber Coding? Aside from being a businessy-sounding name, fundamentally it is my brand of web design! Through the use of WordPress (An amazingly powerful, yet user-friendly Content Management System) I provide affordable and quality websites for my clients. Aimed at private individuals and small to medium businesses, I strive to give you an online presence to further your goals and share your ideas with the immeasurable audience of the Internet.

If you like the sound of what is on offer, please get in touch. I look forward to discussing what you wish to share with the world.

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